Before authoring this book, Dr. Clark held senior level positions with several FORTUNE 500 companies and served as a consultant to many major corporations. These included A. C. Nielsen, A. N. Rusche Fuel Controls, American Airlines, Battelle Memorial Institute, Con Agra, Pet (whose major brands are now owned by General Mills), R. R. Donnelley’s Metromail and Reader’s Digest. In 1994, he founded A. B. Clark Marketing, which handled projects from start-ups to international energy projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. In such roles he has witnessed both poorly and well-handled communications. The result was that he, in 2004, produced a website to help those seeking jobs. Within a short period of time, the website was receiving 40,000 monthly visitors!

Based upon the positive feedback that Dr. Clark (who has made many media appearances) received, he conducted further research on the best techniques for finding highly profitable jobs and greatly expanded, as well as updated, the useful information that he initially presented. The result is this highly-acclaimed, 208-page e-book, which has been described as a “must have” for those who are hoping to advance their careers, and as an excellent textbook for faculty hoping to train their students to market the most important product, namely themselves.

Dr. Clark has held various academic positions at Texas A & M University, the University of Houston, LeTourneau University, the University of Saint Thomas, Texas Southern University and American InterContinental University. His titles ranged from Teaching and Research Assistant up to and including “Professor of Marketing & Economics.” Presently, he is operating his own consulting practice with his wife (see link at the bottom of this page to reach the site), which like its predecessor (i.e., A. B. Clark Marketing founded in 1994), has had positive profits each and every year.

After being born in Buffalo, New York, living in Columbia, South Carolina and Northeast Pennsylvania, Dr. Clark graduated from Morristown High School in New Jersey and entered the honors program at The Ohio State University where he obtained a technical undergraduate. He added a technical master’s degree, with a thesis sponsored by Eli Lilly, and a second scientific baccalaureate from Texas A&M University, before adding masters’ degrees in business and economics from the University of Houston. Dr. Clark earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration summa cum laude (i.e., with a 3.923 out of 4.000 GPA) from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Saint Louis University, which was ranked as the best in Missouri and fourteenth best in the United States according to the 2010 U.S. News & World Report evaluation of part-time MBA programs. Dr. Clark, who has authored more than one-hundred articles, as well as been quoted in leading sources like FORTUNE magazine and the Houston Chronicle, believes that you have the potential to accomplish great things in life. Thus, he wrote this book to help you to reach your true potential during both good times and especially in tough economic times.

Note: If you desire to purchase large quantities of the second edition of this book for gifts, training purposes and/or employees (who due to unforeseen circumstances) will be losing their jobs, you should feel free to contact Dr. Clark directly for information on volume discounts.